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Italmatch Chemicals in China Italmatch Chemicals presence in China dates back mid nineties, and was originated mainly to establish long term supply of strategic raw materials. Italmatch initially investigated Chinese phosphorus industry, select,ing best strategic Supplier/Partners. In 2001 the first JV was established in Yunnan to produce a phosphorus intermediate to be shipped for further processing in Italy, and later a second JV in Yunnan region, was established to have a more secure supply of strategic raw materials, for full back integration. Thanks to its historical knowledge and introduction in raw material sourcing in China, Italmatch decided, already in 2005, to further invest in China, to exploit opportunities represented by the growth of the plastic markets in Asia, with particular regard to the growing demand of halogen free flame retardants additives, for engineering thermoplastics. Therefore in 2005 Italmatch has established and started up a 100% WOFE (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise), Nantong Italmatch Chemicals China (NIC), in Rugao Port Development Zone, Nantong (in the Greater Shanghai Area) the subsidiary has been set to serve the rapidly growing domestic and asian plastic market) The creation of NIC, makes it possible for Italmatch, to expand the business scope, and to make NIC the center of excellence to develop and produce halogen free FR, based on both phosphorus and melamine derivatives, environmental friendly products, for plastic fire safety in China and in Asia, to replace other not fully environmental friendly products (based on bromine). Italmatch China has already secured spare land and infrastructures for future additional investments and expansion, with particular future focus on lube and plastic products, either based on phosphorus or other non-phosphorus technologies. (CHINA)

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