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  Red Phosphorus
Red Phosphorus is an amorphous allotropic form of white phosphorus obtained by heating the same at moderately high temperatures. Red phosphorus is a non toxic powder that ignites readily if subject to mechanical friction or impact. It may be stabilised for prolonged periods against oxidation to phosphoric acid due to contact with air and moisture, by the addition of small amounts of aluminium hydroxide or magnesium hydroxide. For special applications such as particular organic syntheses, red phosphorus may also be supplied unstabilised. Red phosphorus is supplied in 50kg drums (conforming to UN regulations for the transportation of dangerous materials), each containing five 10kg polyethylene bags. Other types of packaging are available on request.

Red phosphorus is used in the match industry for the production of safety matches. It is also used in the manufacture of fireworks, signalling flares, military pyrotechnic devices (such as smoke screens), pesticides for the protection of stored products and incandescent electric lamps. Red phosphorus is employed by the electronics industry in the production of semiconductors and in metallurgy, in casting and refining of various metals such as lead smelting.
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